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We the undersigned, from every country in the World, to achieve equitable economic balance among all people, agree to the creation of a parallel economic system, herein referred to as Energy Currency. The specific and only objective of Energy Currency is to provide Universal Basic Needs (UBN) to everyone. We make this request of every government presently in power in every Nation presently in existence to create in accord with each other, an emergency currency that cannot be invested or taxed. The Energy Currency will be used to manufacture and distribute in the most efficient and minimally polluting ways, food, shelter, education, healthcare and infrastructure, for every person from birth to death.

Energy Currency will eliminate the profit motive, thereby placing humanity on track to protect our global environment. We will use only the most efficient, most cost effective and least damaging methods for providing basic needs. 

For more information, we provide the following resources:

Money as Debt

Zeitgeist Moving Forward

The Venus Project

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

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  1. Suzanne Wilson-Desiato on May 7, 2022 at 7:30 pm

    Sounds like a good plan