How We Are Divided

illustration of people arguing

It was Abraham Lincoln who declared that, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” As true as these words are, to this day we still find ourselves deeply divided. Racism, class, income, and more have all led to a divided nation. Here, we discuss how our nation is divided, how that division hurts us, and…

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Sign the Petition

planet earth in space

We the undersigned, from every country in the World, to achieve equitable economic balance among all people, agree to the creation of a parallel economic system, herein referred to as Energy Currency. The specific and only objective of Energy Currency is to provide Universal Basic Needs (UBN) to everyone. We make this request of every…

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How Russia’s War on Ukraine will Impact the Global Economy

global economic markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is Europe and the Western World’s most serious conflict since World War 2. As of February 2022, the fighting continues as Russian forces lead assaults on major Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Kharkiv. As the fighting rages on, those of us in the United States and across the globe are understandably…

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White House to Release Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin gold coin on table

A dear friend once said to me, “If every person spent a half an hour a day trying to make the world better for everyone maybe it would happen.” Recently, the White House has taken steps to better understand cryptocurrencies and more effectively incorporate them into our economy. Renew the Earth would like to suggest…

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How Will Life Change if Basic Human Needs Are Met?

Globe glass in grass forest on nature background

Presently, most economies operate under a “not enough for all, you or me” survival theory. This has been going on for so long that it has become accepted as normal and inevitable. Our brains have been blocked by misleading information that keeps this illusion going. The reality is that all nations together have enough resources…

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What Would You Do If Your Needs Were Taken Care Of?

Many of us work to survive. Our jobs are a means to an end that puts food on the table and a roof over our heads. This has been true for centuries, but what if it was different? What if your needs were automatically taken care of, and that necessities like food, shelter, water, and…

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Who Speaks for Earth?

earth from space

“It costs too much.” In survival terms, anything is affordable, if it is necessary. However, when solutions to longstanding societal damage (e.g., poverty, food scarcity, homelessness, lack of healthcare, forced migration, failing infrastructure) are suggested, they are put aside with the statement, “It costs too much.” Do they? What is money worth? What is Humanity…

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How Consumerism is Driving Climate Change

woman shopping at grocery store

With the holidays fast approaching, our consumerist culture is on display more now than ever. In fact, Americans produce 25 percent more waste than normal between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But consumerism is not just a problem during the holidays. With every Amazon purchase, every new iPhone, and every grocery store trip, we are consuming…

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Why Do We Work So Much to Survive?

Recently, prices have been skyrocketing. Throughout 2021, Americans have paid more for dinner, fuel, and housing than at any time since the Great Recession. Meat prices have risen by nearly 13 percent, rent by 3 percent, and gasoline by nearly 42 percent. Meanwhile, wages have not kept up. While the current inflation crisis is largely…

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Energy Currency in Action

When discussing our Energy Currency, we often hear many questions. How does it look? Does something exist that is comparable?  How do I get paid if I provide a basic needs service? Can I still make profit? Where can I see basic needs currency working?  Here are some answers and responses to these common questions.…

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