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  1. Jeanne Casatelli on June 22, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    Dear Susan and Jeff
    I have just read several of your web site offerings – the Earthling letters are fantastic. Brava my dear – your writing and illustrations are magnificent. And I totally agree with your words and beliefs: “Our children lean toward us, asking to be taught what is real and worth saving.” As a person who did not have a child myself but who loves no adores her nieces and nephews – I want to leave the earth a better place for all children and I have a means but need help to realize the potential of what I have.

    You know that I sincerely share your sustainable green off the grid interests to change the earth using solar especially.

    I have always known that we connect in many ways and again especially because we care about the earth and how humans can live in harmony not in conflict with it.

    I think it is time we see the obvious – and am surprised we have not done so yet but now we have a chance – we must see how we 3 human tornadoes can and should connect to spark and birth an amazing showcase of our beliefs and so I again propose to you a way to become allies with me. I have land on the Hudson. Begging to be opened and shared correctly. You have not only ideas, but experience and connections that can make this happen. Please work with me my dear friends.

    I need allies to realize the dream of a unique lovely one-of-a kind waterfront destination that will embody all that we believe and want to share with the world.

    So please work with me.

    Let’s discuss how and very soon. Once we know what’s going on with Susa,. I want to get together with you again over here or wherever you desire – maybe a walk to Campbell just to the water’s edge. A 15 minute experience. Just say where and when and I will be there.

    I am now going to send this via your other email too.

    Campbell Island Facebook page with lots of photos and a video

    For the Video only, go to this Dropbox link:

    For beautiful drone views of the Village of Castleton-on-Hudson and more, please go to this Dropbox link:

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