Money – Our Shared Belief…It’s Time for Change

Money, our shared belief. We participate by mutual consent, like with other shared beliefs: religion, science, law, and government. All have affected humanity, providing order, guidance, hope or instruction. And have persisted because they work! Some work well for our benefit, others are a mixed bag, a little bit good and a little bit bad.…

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Are We Working Too Many Hours?

construction worker sitting on ground tired after long day of work

Why does it cost so much in time and money to live? Have our markets made “staying alive” a commodity that is sold to each of us? “Why am I the only one that sees a problem with working 8 to 9 hours a day then going home to have about four hours to yourself,…

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The Future of Work Hours

closeup hand business office woman typing on laptop computer overlay with times clock for working hours concept

Many of us work from 9 to 5. But 5pm is not when our usual work ends. Some people work well past 5pm, often bringing their work home. Not to mention, there is plenty of unpaid work we do on a daily basis to take care of our homes and families. But is it always…

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Rewarding the “Invisible” Work

Cropped close up photo of woman maid housewife wash dirty plates, after tasty organic fresh meal use sponge wear yellow latex gloves in kitchen house indoors

The dictionary defines work as an “activity involving mental or physical effort, done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” We all know not all work is work for pay, but it has to be accomplished every day anyway. As long as we live, we cannot stop working. Something breaks, it has to be…

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What Is Work?

Tired young woman sitting on kitchen floor with cleaning products and equipment, Housework concept

When we think of work, we often think of the hours we spend from 9am to 5pm at the office (or, if you’re like many people after the pandemic, at home in front of a computer). But is that really the only “work” that we do? What about the hours we spend taking care of…

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How Climate Change Impacts Financial Stability

ecology and economy in balance

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller With the stock market now in a bear market, we are all wondering about financial stability. But, it is good to keep in mind that the ‘market’ is not an indicator…

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The Importance of Human Cooperation

two hands interlocking

Human Cooperation, human agreement… Are we still trying, or, are we too distracted by misinformation and the quarreling that results? Propaganda and misinformation are the same things and have the same result, dividing us from each other. Has real conversation, that leads to understanding, become a lost art? Maybe we just need a good idea…

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How We Are Divided

illustration of people arguing

It was Abraham Lincoln who declared that, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” As true as these words are, to this day we still find ourselves deeply divided. Racism, class, income, and more have all led to a divided nation. Here, we discuss how our nation is divided, how that division hurts us, and…

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Sign the Petition

planet earth in space

We the undersigned, from every country in the World, to achieve equitable economic balance among all people, agree to the creation of a parallel economic system, herein referred to as Energy Currency. The specific and only objective of Energy Currency is to provide Universal Basic Needs (UBN) to everyone. We make this request of every…

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How Russia’s War on Ukraine will Impact the Global Economy

global economic markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is Europe and the Western World’s most serious conflict since World War 2. As of February 2022, the fighting continues as Russian forces lead assaults on major Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Kharkiv. As the fighting rages on, those of us in the United States and across the globe are understandably…

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