Renew the Earth

Renew the Earth, a New York based 501 (c)(3), is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. Specifically, we want to encourage the international exchange of ideas, information, and successful actions that transition from a fossil-based economy to one based on renewable energies; solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave, hydrogen, etc.

International Agrichar Initiative

Renew the Earth managed the International Agrichar Initiative (IAI), organized the 2007 conference in Terrigal, NSW, Australia in 2007, and has helped the organization become an independent 501c3; renamed the International Biochar Initiative (IBI). RTE continues to play a leading role in the IBI, stressing the importance of including char in all RTE projects and programs. Additionally, Mr. Bill Holmberg, Chairman of the RTE Board, and Ms. Thayer Tomlinson, RTE Staff Director, are both members of the IBI Steering Committee and IBI Advisory Committee.

For more information on the IBI, please visit the IBI website at