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Humanitarian Efforts

Universal Basic Income (UBI) Trial in Finland

Finland’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial highlights the need for improving how compensation for our work contributions are managed. This includes an expanded definition of what is work. Presently, everyone is challenged by the limitations of the work for profit emphasis, automation of jobs that exist, downsizing to increase profit and stock dividends, elimination of…

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Hope 10 Mission: Develop a Creative Solution to the Jerusalem/Palestinian Conflict

The solution encompasses a major set of historical/holy, territorial, productive-earth, and water challenges that, in my judgment, should be approached boldly from these perspectives in pursuit of solutions. To succeed it is essential to have the full support of Egypt. NATO could lead the strategic implementation strategy of this approach because the Israeli/Palestinian debacle stimulates…

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Event: First Annual Col. Pete Hilgartner Community Service Award

Renew the Earth  has the great pleasure of being involved in the presentation of the 1st Annual Col. Pete Hilgartner Community Service Award.  This award was created in the name of Pete Hilgartner to honor his long, distinguished and outstanding service to country and community and to recognize and encourage a Young Marine who has…

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