Hope 10 Mission: Develop a Creative Solution to the Jerusalem/Palestinian Conflict

The solution encompasses a major set of historical/holy, territorial, productive-earth, and water challenges that, in my judgment, should be approached boldly from these perspectives in pursuit of solutions. To succeed it is essential to have the full support of Egypt. NATO could lead the strategic implementation strategy of this approach because the Israeli/Palestinian debacle stimulates hostile Muslim forces like ISIS and al Qaeda – and, this represent a major threat to some NATO Countries. America must be involved because of the strategic US–Israel relationship is a driving force behind much Muslim hostility to the US worldwide. Additionally, there a Multinational Force and Observers involving US military in Sinai; and ISIS also has a presence there. Aspects of the “Helping Hand”, Steel Fist” concept as outlined in HOPE 9, maybe appropriate.

With NATO in the lead, and supported by the US, European Union, and Middle East nation-building entities, they could reach out to several associations and groups like the International Renewable Energy Agency, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and its research arm In Germany.

There are scores of other associations and groups that will support this “Great Adventure,” and bring their strengths to help solve the problem we are herein addressing. Importantly, I will be working with the staff of the Club de Med and the P-80 Agency to display technologies and scientific advances deployable to the Sinai Peninsula in their Global Technology Expo for Domestic Deployment in Little Rock Arkansas. This GTED2 will be functional before the year is out.

Advanced science and technology, creativity, good will and religious collaboration is essential in order to develop this historically important region into a new Garden of Eden, and to transition the adjoining Israeli/Palestinian conflict area from a boiling pot, to a melting pot of ancient history and an enlightened future with the three monotheistic religions, Christian, Jewish and Muslims working together to ensure the sustainability of our unique and God’s planet.

This concept for the Sinai Peninsula, now belonging to Egypt, is based on the willingness of Egypt, Jerusalem and Palestine working together cooperatively in their own self-interest and to the betterment of the world. If Moses was able to come down off Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments that have help guide the world for three centuries, history and enlightened minds should be able to “upgrade” those Commandments so that we can join together is addressing the great challenges ahead. The fact that Moses continues as an important profit of the Muslim faith as well as Judaism and Christianity; and, that the Sinai Peninsula in ancient times and today was included in the Holy Lands, argues well for full cooperation as the will of God. Therefore, converting the Sinai Peninsula into the ultra- modern Garden of Eden, with the proper balance of the preserving the history of the Holy Land, would help foretell the future of our planet.

Here are a few of the technologies and concepts that can be deployed using optimized science, technology, creativity and good will.

New buildings could be “earth scrapers” instead off skyscrapers: architects are designing a 75 story underground building in space hungry Mexico City, and there is a long standing underground 4+ star hotel in Cooper Pedi Australia; evacuated sand and earth can be used to level unusable areas, with soil for gardens and agriculture. Subways have long been used to ease crowded streets and highways. Purdue University scientists in the US, report that many crops, including corn, can be grown underground with significant benefits. Jerusalem leads the world in producing a wide range of food crops under topsoil and water short conditions. All human and food waste, as well as other bio-based materials, can be gasified to produce biogas, electricity, humus, fertilizers and some water. Other renewable energies like solar, wind, geothermal, waterpower, hydrogen and additional renewable energy gases can be used to produce electricity and thermal energy.

The Egyptian owned Sinai Peninsula is almost surrounded by water on three sides, the Mediterranean on the north, Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal to the West, and the Gulf of Aqaba to the East. It covers about 20 millions acres and has a population of about 1.5 million. The Gulf of Aqaba is less salty than the Gulf of Suez and the Mediterranean. Using high-tech desalinization methods, adequate supplies of fresh water minerals for fertilizers can be made available.

In the Gaza Strip, West of the Gaza Peninsula, with about the same population of 1.5 million, mostly Palestinians, covers about 936 square miles or about .0002 % of the land in the Gaza Peninsula. Palestine certainly deserves more land for their people.

The hope is that NATO, the European Union, the US, and other agencies will barter with Egypt so that about 60% of the Sinai Peninsula, including most of the towns and villages already in place would remain under their control. In payment for the remaining 40% (or there about), they would be fully included in the optimization of the New Garden of Eden concept, unless towns/villages selected to remain all, or in part, in their current state to preserve their culture. 40% (or there about) of the Sinai Peninsula would then be titled over to the Palestinian and Jewish Nations as determined by an appropriately appointed Top Level Board.

Of course, final determinations in all aspects of this concept will be accelerated through a senior finalization process to ensure speedy and fair-minded implementation. This is needed so that we can get on with converting one of the world’s most serious boiling pots in the world into a glorious melting pot to the great satisfaction of our GOD who expects Muslims, Jews and Christians to join together in enhancing and stabilizing our unique and magnificent planet.

Like most hard-charging HOPEFULS, I can’t wait to launch an opportunity of this magnitude. So I am getting ready to do so on my 88th birthday in July of this year, and to include the other 10 HOPES as well. As we say in the Marine Corps, “what the hell. Lets go.”

May I suggest that this HOPE be professionally translated into a worthwhile Vision. Perhaps the United Nations Foundation and the United States Energy Security Council would be willing to launch that effort.

Bill Holmberg
Biomass Chair Emeritus , Biomass & Biofuels

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