The Importance of Human Cooperation

two hands interlocking

Human Cooperation, human agreement…

Are we still trying, or, are we too distracted by misinformation and the quarreling that results? Propaganda and misinformation are the same things and have the same result, dividing us from each other. Has real conversation, that leads to understanding, become a lost art? Maybe we just need a good idea to rally around. An idea that can be refined by all of us. A concept that is designed to give each person what they need to survive and thrive. A new spirit of the times, a zeitgeist.

We have almost forgotten that our lives, literally, depend on each other. Astronauts living on the space station, who come from all parts of the world, from different traditions and speaking different languages, understand this very well. They treat each other with courtesy and respect because they know that a mistake made by any of them could easily kill all of them. The same is true on Earth, but not as obvious because of distance, numbers, and time. As Bucky Fuller said, we all live on “Spaceship Earth”. Each person is essential, and we all must find ways to cooperate so each of us has the opportunity to survive and developed to the best of our abilities.

When we refer to the other person in derisive and unflattering ways, we are not understanding who that person is. This kind of distancing is the beginning of racism and the massive voids of misunderstanding and violence that it creates. Someone who works a “menial job” is not a “monkey” or a slave, a person who does not deserve respect. And what is a menial job anyway? Is there any such thing? Can we do without garbage collectors, check out tellers, house cleaners, waitresses, cooks, etc.? How are they less essential than the doctors, congress people, judges, presidents, etc., that we tend to idolize? I assert that they are more essential. They are the individuals who work daily at the tasks that are necessary for the very basis and survival of social structure. Who built your house? Did the wiring? Built the roads, made your clothes, picked the fruits and vegetables that are trucked to your store, who are the truckers? Who raised the food animals that many depend upon, the grains? Who taught you language and how to read so that you could benefit from the accumulation of human knowledge we have available to us at this point? As Albert Einstein said, “Bear in mind that the wonderful things you learn in schools are the work of many generations… All this is put in your hands as your inheritance in order that you may receive it, honor it, add to it and one day faithfully hand it on to your children. Thus do we mortals achieve immortality in the permanent things which we create in common.”

We are bound to each other with a thousand ties. We are social animals with the same basic needs and general lifespan. We are, at the same time, individuals, but what we become is the result of belonging to a human community. We all need each other, and we need the essential that will eventually lead to more equal societies Worldwide and relief from stresses that erupt into mass migrations, violence, and wars. This will start with respect for the other person you don’t know and an effort to know them better.

Are we essential for Nature to continue to keep us part of the living mix on Earth? This is constantly being decided. Life can easily “go on without us.” We can influence the decision by behaving with informed understanding and consideration for Humanity and Nature.

We are all capable of being futurists. We all contain untapped latent energy that can translate into momentum, collaboration, and creative invention. We just have to have access to good ideas and come to agreement about how to make them happen.

Renew the Earth has been designing a concept for the past 12 or more years that they are presenting for your consideration.

Consider this: Instead of just using an economy that mainly emphasizes profit making and competition we add to this a parallel economic system that emphasizes providing the basic needs, food, shelter, education, healthcare and infrastructure, worldwide. The same benefits as our Senators and Congress people. We are just as valuable. Profit cannot be made through exchanges in the parallel Energy Currency economy and money used cannot be taxed. Please think about this and if you want to know more visit, or participate by going to @SocialEconRTE and you are invited to sign the petition you for d there along with recent blogs.

Thank you,

Susan Caumont, President,