“The gamblin’ man is rich and the working man is poor.  I ain’t got no home in this world any more.” Woodie Guthrie

We have a worldwide social system called Economics.  It is now at a point where it is doing extreme harm to humanity and life on Earth.  We can change this outcome by providing for our physical needs, food, shelter and education, within the economic system.  Physical Economics requires that human survival needs be measured in energy units,  because they can’t be manipulated.  These energy units then become the starting point of value, or “0” zero, of economic function.  We call this, the HREM,  Human Renewable Energy Measure.

The HREM, represents our lifetime share of physical needs, in energy units.  Possibly, one hour a day or one day a week of work life qualifies an individual for these basic needs.    Then people can to devote time to satisfying their wants in the free market or participating in non money making activities.

Calculations can be made that make possible the distribution of basic physical human needs, world wide.  For example, Physicist Dr. David Borton, RPI, expresses human energy in his approximation that 5 human energy work hours = 2 mega Joules, which can be converted into calories or BTUs or other expressions of energy.  Without the ability to measure the energy unit equivalents of human survival needs, we cannot defend human life.  Presently economics converts selected human work energy and natural resources into subjective profit units and takes no responsibility for the resulting damage.  Life requires better.

An expanded definition of work more closely imitates the methods Nature uses to pursue equilibrium and make life  possible, according to E.O. Wilson in his book, The Diversity of Life”.  Nature uses diversity to promote equilibrium.    Within economics an expanded definition of work would serve a similar purpose by creating more choice.

Economist and physicist, John Nash’s “Game Theory” recognizes a process that already occurs in economics and uses Natures motivator, survival.  Each person has an ultimate threat to their lives or the lives of their family, that makes sure a bargain is struck.  Because of the diminishing diversity caused by profit economics, we are seeking bargains in a limited pool of choices.  Survivors have limited skills and are more vulnerable to change and catastrophe.  Like mono cropping makes food plants vulnerable to insects and disease.

We have arrived at a turning point.  Economics impacts us all and we are born into its structure that distorts and destroys  through a bargaining process that holds our lives at stake.  We need physical economics that draws value from and protects life by measuring and providing for human physical needs in energy units, not fluctuating currency values based only on profit.


Jeff Beller,  40+ years expert consultant on renewable energy for New York State Research and Development, also, Federal Government.  Co founder and vice president of non profit Renew the Earth 501c3 and founder of internet broadcasting entity, Bridges Programming,  Originator of HREM concept, human renewable energy measure,

Susan Caumont,  renewable energy advocate and educator, president of 501c3 Renew the Earth,,  natural science illustrator for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and graduate of RISD – Rhode Island School of Design.  Programmer, engineer WRPI, Troy,  Co founder, programmer and commentator, Bridges Programming.  Co originator and writer for the HREM concept.

Dr. David Borton,  physicist and professor (retired) RPI, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, expert in solar energy.  Presently a builder of solar boats.  Collaborator on HREM concept.