Don’t Follow the Money and it’s Surrogate Political Power

Follow the Realities of a Sustainable Future For America and the Planet.

Supporters of fuel ethanol have been seriously weakened by our failure to fully grasp this reality. Example: there is no way we could even nibble our way into the massive PR campaign of “We are Energy Voters” and other misleading efforts, reports and studies sponsored by the oil and gas industries. They simply “buy” their economic and political dominance into the future.

We should be mobilizing our vast biomass resource base moving forward into a bright sustainable future. Biochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and biocosmetics are sailing right by their fossil competitors with way more than 30% market share while fossil chemicals haven’t even whimpered as industries shifted their feedstock base. BIO is wisely leading an effort to join with biofuels in meeting with members of Congress to better make the biomass case.

Biomass in many forms are quietly slipping into the food marketplace without a ruckus from Big Oil. Organics and home/nearby grown fruits and vegetables in stores and restaurants have been on a steady increase with little interference; actually with “Big Green Foods” frequently joining in. At the same time, the Grocery Manufactures Association teams up with Big Oil, falsely blaming ethanol for the high price of some foods.

But why is big oil and gas teaming up against biofuels, particularly ethanol as we struggle to reach 15% let alone E-30. This would actually boost their bottom line with a lower cost of octane while meeting the needs of advanced engines including direct-injected, turbo-charged, plug-in electric, and hydrogen vehicles? Is their anti-ethanol crusade based on lost market share, profitability, established refinery operations, and 100 years of successes in restraining ethanol? Who knows? The battle rages on.

What happened to the “all of the above” campaign leading to cooperative actions with Bio Oil and ethanol teaming up in the best interest of the nation while slowing/reversing climate change? E-30 could well be that beneficial common ground. Senator Daschle and the HOLC Alliance (High Octane, Low Carbon) provides a great opportunity to heal the consequences of an incredibly expensive and earth damaging war between the two fuels – oil and ethanol.

Additionally, it is fair to note that oil has been the root cause and the support of warfare for the past century plus. Consequently, it is fully tied into national security and warfare. It is a major source of funding for ISIS, al Qaeda and other radical Muslim groups. Only the U.S. Navy is deliberately turning to nuclear and biofuels in readying for the future.

So how do we turn a growing group of “hard chargers” into a literal army of like-minded Americans committed to the reality of the sustainable, biobased future? Sustainable biomass in all its many forms, including aquatic (algae and ocean plants) as feedstocks, can replenish itself in a growing year or two. Some trees take a few decades. Fossil oil takes the work of nature over millions of years, and is a major cause of carbon build up in the atmosphere

So what is bioethanol’s next series of actions? Set our positive record strait in terms of yields per acre requiring less land. No food shortage and no significant increase in cost. Enhanced organic matter in the soil, reduced use of water, and generation of water from the atmosphere with assistance from the full range of biomass. Enhancing lands supporting wildlife, shrubs, trees, forests, streams and rivers. Efficiencies in the conversion of corn, milo and other feedstocks into the production of ethanol, distiller’s grains, corn oil and pure CO2 that can reused. Then we have biochemicals and biopharmaceuticals, biogas, biothermal energy, and electricity. Include highly efficient wood stoves, furnaces and ethanol heaters. Recognize the organic and locally grown food for humans and pets. Include organic and bio fertilizers, pesticides, and compost. Strengthen soils with enzymes, micro and macro organisms, mineralization, biochar, etc. Trees, timbers and lumber for construction. Include biofibers for car and plane body parts, and trees and plants for protection of wildlife, land enhancement, and beautification. Incorporate other natural industries, all generating new opportunities as well as millions of good paying jobs with the satisfaction of living and working in concert with sustainable natural systems.

How do we reach tens of millions of like-minded people, and broaden their reach for sustainability to include biofuels and all the other renewable natural resources provided by our miraculous planet? We can rebuild farming communities and family farms with a wholesome blend of hard work, advanced science, technologies and digital revolutions while incorporating the beauty and meaning of wildlife and other natural systems. Rooftops, porches, and back-yard gardens add to the healthy food supply while adding volunteer supporters

It’s communications. We can’t spend hundreds of millions in buying PR time and political votes. We can, however, get into blogs, twitter and other systems beyond my understanding. Bless those who are doing so while embracing the wonders of nature. I would ask that you spread your wings to encompass major efforts in promoting all forms of sustainable biomass. Family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers are good starts. Creative efforts in several communities, states, and businesses are already providing great support and lessons for sustainable biomass products.

Perhaps we could print personal cards, Facebooks, blogs, etc. One section could read – “I’m For a United America.” The other side would read – “And I’m a Sustainable Future Voter.”

Bill Holmberg – An old Marine looking for creative help in transitioning from following the money and it’s surrogate political power, to embracing sustainable natural systems. This is an incredibly powerful national security challenge.