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Bio-Energy Center

The Bio-Energy Center (BEC) is a newly launched initiative of Renew the Earth (RTE). Under RTE, the Bio-Energy Center will work with the global community to:

  • Serve as a clearinghouse and inventory for accurate and timely data on a host of bioenergy and sustainability issues.
  • Increase awareness of the breadth of bioenergy technologies and industries relying on biomass resources and monitor, track, and report progress and advances in this area.
  • Identify needed scientific and technical research, development, and demonstration activities to accelerate bioenergy advances in a sustainable, environmentally sound manner.
  • Conduct research and analysis on issues related to bioenergy and sustainability, to include development of tools and toolkits, trade off studies, bioenergy analysis, policy and regulatory studies, resource analysis, cost analysis, engineering and economic analysis, etc.
  • Promote the linkages between bioenergy and economic development with a focus on rural and peri-urban communities and entrepreneurs.
  • Foster internationally acceptable practices, protocols, standards, certifications and other measures to ensure the sustainable use and deployment of bioenergy projects, programs, and technologies.
  • Encourage innovations focusing on technologies to promote biomass production while improving soil fertility, water quality and quantity; increasing organic matter and microbial activity in the soil; enhancing wildlife and their habitat; improving watersheds and wet lands; while decreasing greenhouse gas levels through these practices.
  • Advance full costing principles to bioenergy technologies in order to capture the full benefits from the transition from an economy essentially dependent on fossil and nuclear energy to one increasingly reliant on renewable and sustainable energy systems.
  • Support and mobilize the international community on bioenergy and sustainability issues through conferences, workshops, study tours, etc.

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