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Earthlings Letter #12 – Diversity

In this letter I want to talk about diversity, a word which means “a range or variety of different things”. And I think this will be the final letter in this series of Earthling Letters. There will be more letters in the future and you can be sure that they will all be about nature…

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Green Roof Proposal to ROC/Meridian by the Thomas Circle Go-Green Group

Maudine Cooper, Jareta Coyle, Gloria Davidson, Jewell and Guido Fenzi, Joan Fletcher, Harriet Fulbright, Renee Gier, Sam Goekjian, Tina Hobson, Carmel and Fred Jordan, Jim LaMare, Johnny Lane, Barbara Lucas, Nana McIntosh, Sarah McMeans, Dail Moore, Robert Murphy, Ellen Overton, Marcie Simon, Jim Ward, Judy Werdel and Bill Wooby.  JANUARY6, 2016 OUR GREEN ROOF TEAM…

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Pete Hilgartner Biography…Written by Lt. Col. Bill Holmberg

Peter Hilgartner enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1945. After boot camp in Parris Island, he worked his way into the Naval Academy Preparatory School. He passed all examinations and entered the Academy in 1947, graduated as a 2nd Lt. in 1951, and was sent on to the Marine Officer’s Candidate School. After graduation, and…

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